Teatro Teatrae


Oumuamua is the title of Lucrecia’s story, a fictional character created by playwright Miren Sanz, and played by Ruth Garreta. Lucrecia’s trip is the journey of an anti-heroine, flight attendant and granddaughter of Valentina Tereshkova and will be in charge of manning the first “lowcost” expedition to the Oumuamua satellite to deposit a time capsule on it. This particular mission will make us go into the world of comedy through this character, who will claim the relevance of women in space, she will do justice to the memory of his grandmother. Always from a naive and unfortunate point of view.

Stand-up-comedy, objects manipulation, slapstick, contemporary dance and music is the comic structure of this variety show. “Oumuamua” is the title of the show based on Lucrecia’s story. Teatro Teatrae was created in 2014 by Ruth Garreta, actress, director and producer. Trained at International Theater School Philippe Gaulier (2005/2007) Paris, France.