Innovarte producciones

Circus, live music and physical theatre. .

Circo Marítimo

Innovarte presents “Circo Marítimo”: a show that combines circus, physical theater and live music.
A spectacular cabaret for the whole family will make the audience enjoy with comic situations, incredible circus acts and also you will some musical styles such as blues, bossa nova, rock or jazz.

Parque de Mero el Jardinero 

It was born as a large interactive children’s park with theatrical themes and pedagogical and innovative tecnics, attended by 22,000 people in seven days. Aimed at children from 0 to 12 years old, it has an educational, playful and cultural intention through:

  • THEATER: characters and shows
  • ART: artistic installations that transform the physical space into a creative space.
  • GAME: toys, sports, playroom …