Looking for duende

Music, circus and eccentricity at the service of “el duende”.

Javier Ariza presents Looking for Duende, an eccentric musical comedy, with circus tricks and great doses of absurdity. Directed by Aitor Basauri, the artistic director of the prestigious company Spymonkey and with the dramatic touch of William Oldroyd, the project counts a great cast of professionals in different fields, presenting for the first time a one-man show, in which the character is close to the figure of the clown investigating the comedy, something that produces tragedy, but this time disinterestedly shared with the public and without a fourth wall. This is a show about music, one of the most universal forms of art and that obsession to attain the perfection inclosed in the word “duende”. In a similar way to blues, swing and flow that are concepts that are hard to define and to cease.

Vicente Alonso de Miguel, a musician, a circus artist and a stage man, dedicates his life to the search of “duende”, something that is sublime, divine and everything an artist can aspire to. Nevertheless, the tragedy of this eccentric character lies in that he fails repetitively in his search. His entire life is compulsively dedicated to finding something that either you have or you don’t, but what happens if you look for it ? Javier Ariza brings forth a one-man show about music and its components through the image of the clown, exploring the harmony produced by music, playing with different musical genres, dancing, balancing, object manipulation and a lot of silliness.

With the collaboration of the Fundación Caja de Burgos, Centre de les Arts Gestuals i del Circ de Reus, Laboratorio Tisner (Centre cívic Cotxeres Borrell), INCA (International Network for Culture and Arts).


7 /5/ 2015


Teatro La Vilella, Barcelona


Theatre show




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